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Agile & Improv:

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Improv is built on the foundations of Transparency, Adaptability and Unity. Good improvisers listen intently, take risks, support their teammates, and connect authentically with their audience. If you think that sounds a lot like the Agile mindset, you're not alone.

In Agile, We're Taught To:

Keep Moving Forward

Respond To Change

Honour The Vision Over The Plan

Fail Fast

Collaborate With Customers

In Improv, We Learn To:

Say "Yes, And..."

Be Present & Reactive

Operate Unscripted

Use Mistakes As Opportunities

Use Audience Feedback


One foundation of great work is deep listening - to each other, the market, the customers and your own instincts. Improv principles put a heavy emphasis on "listening, agreeing & supporting."


Improvisers please their audience most when they are authentic. Fostering that authenticity helps us to form deep and lasting connections at work. It's critical to individual and team success. Deploying improv principles makes relationship building much easier.


Real, ground-breaking, innovative ideas only surface when people go all-in and allow themselves to be vulnerable. Break rules. Take risks. Make awesome discoveries.


Great improvisers are eternal learners. They exemplify the growth mindset. They know that there is always something to discover, experience or practice. When they are improvising, they are honing their creativity muscles and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Our Workshops Are:

Tailored To You

We co-create our workshops with you to meet your specific needs. From a two-hour lunch-and-learn to a multiple-day retreat, and everything in between.


Together we'll create powerful learning experiences grounded in research, inspired by experience, and designed to change behaviour.


Every experience is built on the foundation of increasing awareness, exploring possibilities, and inspiring action.


We'll  bring your workshop to your office, host you at our venue in Wedding, or help you book the perfect space.

Our Most Popular Topics:

Building Team Relationships

Agility, Adaptability & Embracing the Unexpected

Effective Communication


Experimentation & Idea Iteration

Now Let's Create The Perfect Workshop Together!

To help us understand your needs, please let us know your preferred topic, date & time, location if you have one, how long you'd like the training to be (we recommend a minimum of two hours), and how many participants there will be. Thanks!

Thanks for your message!

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